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For more information, please check out this sample of articles:

Harvard Health Publications, "Mindfulness Meditation Improves Connections in the Brain" Posted April 8, 2013 by Carolyn Schatz offers research regarding Mindfulness Meditation improving many physical and emotional symptoms as well as strengthening areas of the brain involved with memory, empathy and awareness while decreasing the stress and fear regions of the brain.

TIME Magazine, "Relax, It's Only a Test" Feb, 11, 2013 by Annie Murphy Paul presents reasons for poor student performance on tests and ways to help children perform better academically.

New York Times, "Mindfulness at Every Turn", November 3, 2013 by David Hochman comments on the broad acceptance and acknowledgement of the impact of Mindfulness practice into daily life from corporations, to the Facebook, to education.

O, The Oprah Magazine, "Do You Need a Health Coach? Pointers from the Pros: A new breed of coach can help put you at the top of your health game," February 18, 2011, by Meryl Davids Landau.

ABC News, "Do You Need a Health Coach? How hiring a personal adviser can help you live a healthier life" January 6, 2010. Video interview with Dr. Edward Phillips, Director and Founder of Harvard's Institute of Lifestyle Medicine about the role of health coaches.

News Observer, "Turning to a Health Coach" April 21, 2009, by Joe Miller, takes a look at how a Duke wellness coaching program helps people with chronic conditions develop their own wellness strategy